About ROBO

Founded in Silicon Valley, Robo Medical is an emerging medical company specializing in designing and producing surgical and tele-ultrasound robots. The company aims to dominate surgical robot and tele-ultrasound market by using technology to improve medical treatments. Our world-class R&D team, experienced sales team and forward-looking management team guarantee the company a bright future.

We are based in Shenzhen, a city widely considered the Chinese Silicon Valley, and we aim to combine the management ideas from the US Silicon Valley and cutting-edge technology to strengthen our position in the global field. We also have solid relationship with top hospitals in China and have a close connection with China Telemedicine Association.

Currently, we have research centres in Suzhou and the Silicon Valley. The research team in Silicon Valley is working on our surgical robot prototype - DocRobo. We are striving to corporate with Shenzhen Municipal Government to set up the first surgical robot research laboratory in China.

Keeping fit and healthy is part of our culture, and we frequently hold football, basketball, tennis and rowing activities every week. We care about health and we care about you.

In robot we believe.


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