We born, we live our lives and at the end - we die. That's the truth. However, the quality of our lives often correlates with our health. Generally, the healthier we are the more we can achieve - thus the happier we can be.

That's why health has always been an issue to deal with. Nowadays medicine has gone a very long way compared to the time of Hippocrates of Kos. Now humans are able to do very complicated surgeries, invent cures for various illnesses and so on. The question arises - can medicine go further?

The answer on the first part of the question is "definitely".

Actually, many exciting things are happening in these fields right now, for instance, the surgical robot and the tele-ultrasound robot. Our engineers are working in labs Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, looking forward to bring you the new feeling of medical care.

We are the creator and we are the witness. Please stay tone.